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10th Anniversary

Ten Years After...

Dear Rockman Friends,

I have created Rockman.fr exactly 10 years ago: 02/02/2007.

It represents two years of personal work and was one of the most rewarding episodes of my life: one billion thanks to all the visitors who find this website useful!

Rockman.fr receives, ten years after, 6000 visits per month... not bad for a personal initiative!

I have not updated Rockman.fr for ages now, but one month ago, Mike Donzelli kindly sent me these excellent pictures of an extremely rare item : the Rockman X100 10th Anniversary.

That's how this page was born!

I knew this item did exist because of a sale on eBay several years ago, but I never managed to find any relevant information about it. The name suggests it was issued in 1992, and the rarity of the eBay ads proves that there cannot be more than 100 items made.

Note the price in 1994 : $190...

As you will see on these pictures, the 10th Anniversary model is a standard REV10 X100, the only differences being external : specific front panel cover sheet, and absolutely nothing on the back panel!

Thanks again for all these visits on Rockman.fr!

Jark - 02/02/2017 - Paris, France

Pictures courtesy of Mike Donzelli

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