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Disclaimer is, by no way, affiliated to a commercial or industrial company. has no commercial activity, doesn't manufacture any commercial goods and provides no intellectual service. The objective of this website is purely to promote the image of the gear designed by Scholz Research and Development (SR&D) between 1980 and 1994, in the most respectful manner to the work accomplished by the people involved then and since.

The data, information and material available from aim at a better knowledge of the gear manufactured by SR&D.

  • declines all liability in the event of gear malfunctioning or person injury after an intervention on SR&D, Rockman or other brand gear, based on information provided by Consequently, people wanting, needing or achieving service or modification on their musical gear do it at their own risk, at their free will and under their own responsibility.
  • declines all liability in case someone considers he was robbed while buying or selling gear after reading material posted on contains hypertext links to other sites and referrals to other sources of information. These links and sources of information are provided for information purposes only.

  • does not check these sites and the information they contain. Consequently, cannot provide any guarantee as to the quality and/or comprehensive nature of this information.
  • declines all liability for any harm which may result from consulting the information contained on other sites or in other sources of information in general, to which may refer. represents the personal point of view of a Boston, SR&D and Rockman afficionado, that can be in no way assimilated to official positions or so-called truth. This applies to gear design, electronic components, music, people and, more generally speaking, things of life.

In other terms, the information published on must be considered as private life discussions between adults, and cannot be assimilated to public claims, possibly leading to lawsuit. If, for a reason or another, someone feels hurt by some information, concept, or point of view displayed on, this person is invited to express his position by email to the's webmaster, so that the proper corrective decision can be made immediately.

Copyright issues considers that intellectual property must be strictly respected. It's not only a legal or financial concern: it's a matter of courtesy and mutual respect, especially in this digital era where it's virtually possible to access and duplicate everything. is made of original material, unless otherwise specified. The graphics, the writing and the global structure of were entirely created by the author.

Yet, errare humanum est : in case you recognise some material on, if you can prove that this material is your intellectual property and was used here in a prejudicial way, email to the's webmaster: the proper corrections will be made accordingly.

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Trademarks and patents

Rockman is a trademark owned by Jim Dunlop Inc. (Dunlop Manufacturing, Inc.)

The products designed, developed and manufactured by SR&D, then Dunlop Manufacturing, Inc. were or are protected by the following US patents:

Power Soak

Patent #TitleApplicationFile date
US 4,143,245Constant distortion volume controlPrototypeMarch 3, 1978
US D256,798Constant distortion volume control unitPrototype enclosureMarch 3, 1978
US 4,363,934Volume control devicePower SoakJune 2, 1980
US D270,153Speaker volume controlPower Soak enclosureOct. 3, 1980

Rockman, Chorus/Doubler, Reverb

Patent #TitleApplicationFile date
US 4,489,439Electronic stereo reverberation device with doublerRockmanSep. 20, 1982
US 4,509,191Electronic stereo reverberation deviceRockmanSep. 20, 1982
US 4,584,700Electronic audio signal processorRockmanDec. 27, 1982
US D284,580Stringed instrument amplifier or the likeRockman enclosureDec. 27, 1982
US 4,683,589Electronic audio systemBass RockmanNov. 27, 1985


Patent #TitleApplicationFile date
US 4,627,094Electronic audio signal processorCompressionJune 17, 1985
US 4,809,337Audio noise gateSmart GateJune 20, 1986
US 4,752,960Audio processing circuitAutocleanJune 20, 1986

XP series

Patent #TitleApplicationFile date
US 5,133,015Method and apparatus for processing an audio signalXPRJan. 22, 1990

Nota: These pdf files were downloaded from Freepatentsonline offers free searchable patents database services, accessible after free registration.

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