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The data in these tables are:

  • For the original SR&D sales price, based on Rockman-Central information, completed or amended by ads published in magazines in the 80's and 90's.
  • For the production dates, either Rockman-Central data, either deduction made by analysing various schematics, ads and SR&D documents.
  • For the production quantities: Rockman-Central has published detailed data about the Stage Heads and the Rockmodules. As for the other items, the quantity estimations are based on actual number of transactions, analysed over a period of sixth months on eBay. This rotation analysis, matched with the quantities that are known for some items, allowed computing a "probable" production quantities for the other products.

The last colums give an indication about the collectibility and interest of each item. These information cannot, of course, be totally objective, but I have followed simple rules to provide useful guidelines to someone new to the Rockman gear.

Interest: some SR&D products are really unique, and no other brand has produced a similar item. On the other hand, some items are truely common and can find easy replacements : think about the single footswitch, which has nothing special, though it's a rare, collectible item for Rockman afficionados.

Collectibility. Rockman collectors usually merge three approaches during their chase for gear: Boston, technical aspects and rarity. The PGE2 is the perfect example of an extremely rare item, having amazing technical characteristics, being used on stage by Boston. That makes the PG2 one of the most desirable Rockman item (though it's not stamped "Rockman"...). On the other hand, a cheap and common Guitar Ace, that has been re-issued by Dunlop, is not considered as interesting by the collectors. Still, it's a quality product that was used by Deff Leppard on all the tracks of some of their albums...

Download the 1987 SR&D catalogue in PDF format



Rare and desirable, hard to find and buy


Hard to find, but not rare


Common item, easy to find and buy



A reference in its category


A matter of taste...


For collectors only

Stage heads and stacks

These stage heads, stacks and cabs belong to the Rock'n'Roll History. Originally designed for Boston, you may cross one of them: they are priceless. Just have in mind that Rackmount Concepts builds excellent replicas at a more than affordable price!

Note that less than 50 complete Rockman stacks were actually produced (hence less than 50 PA500). The exact distribution between the various head types is unknown.

QuantityStartEndList PriceCollectibilityInterest
DC 500 (DG+SC)10 ?1989$1 460,00A+++B
S12 CE 500 (SP+EQ+SC+CE)10 ?1989$1 875,00A+++B
SC 500 (SP+SC)10 ?1989$1 540,00A+++B
SD12 CEM 500 (SP+DG+EQ+SC+SE+MO)10 ?1989$2 265,00A+++B
PA220 2x110W Power ampA+++C
PA500 2x250W<50$1 160,00A+++B
Stage Headcase$3 865,95A+++B
Full Range Speakers100 ?$799,95A+++A

Semi-rare late items

These are the last products made by SR&D. Unlike the older items, they were market-driven devices, instead of being Scholz-driven. Though they still sound good and are collectible for Rockman afficionados, only the UDG is a true rare item that really deserves attention, since it was discontinued when SR&D was sold to Dunlop.

QuantityStartEndList PriceCollectibilityInterest
Ultimatum Distortion Generator<100 ?19941994AA
Acoustic Guitar Pedal<1000 ?19941994AC
Guitar Ace<2000 ?19901994$99,00BC
Bass Ace<1000 ?19901994$99,00AC
Metal Ace<1000 ?1994$99,00AC
SR&D 12VDC Wallwart19901994AC

Special non-commercial item

The Rockman Demo-center was designed for music-shops willing to demonstrate the Rockmodules in a compact, convenient format. Included are a Sustainor, a Distortion Generator, an Instrument EQ, and a Stereo Chorus and Stereo Echo. The Demo Center had switches allowing comparing the various sounds, and was equipped with a pair of active speakers mounted on the left and right side of the unit.

Two types of Demo Center were produced: some with all the modules at the right side, and a one-piece cache on the left, and others with the Rockmodules alternating left and right position, with half rack separate cache metal plates.

The demo Center is very rare, and is a nice rig to have at home when you like the Rockmodules.

QuantityStartEndList PriceCollectibilityInterest
Rockman demo-center<100 ?AB

Studio Series

These 19' rack units are truely hard to find, negociate and buy. The PGE-2 and the Pro-Bass are the units that Tom Scholz himself can buy back. If you own one, please don't let it end in a pawn shop, and if you had to sell it, make sure that the buyer knows what it's all about!

QuantityStartEndList PriceCollectibilityInterest
Pro Bass Preamp<20 ?19911991$499,95A+++A

XP Series and combos

These units are all, to a certain extent, rare and collectible. The standard XPR rack unit is fairly easy to find, but the other units were made in small quantities and can be very hard to find. As of Rockman-Central, 2791 XPR's were made. It seems that the other XPR based items (XPRa, XP100, XP212, XP100a and SuperHead) are included in these 2791: the serial numbers are all in a row, all starting with the "XP" prefix.

The A12-50 is pretty rare, if one considers that only one per year may pop-up on, but information is clearly missing about this item.

QuantityStartEndList PriceCollectibilityInterest
XPR rack unit2500 ?1989$849,00AA
XP100 stereo combo<500 ?1989$1 098,00AA
XPRa rack unit<100 ?1991A+A
XP100a stereo combo<50 ?1991A+A
XP212 2x12' combo<20 ?1991A+++B
Super Head - XPR with 2x50W PA<10 ?1991A+++B
A12 50 - Ultimatum 50W Combo40019931994A+++B


Information about the Rockmodules is precise and reliable, thanks to Bob and Curt at Rockman-Central. The quantities here are from R-C, with a few updates:

  • There are more than 15000 DG's: I actually own the DG #15325, dated Sept 1991. The DG#15355 was made on October the 15th and the DG#15380 a few days later.
  • The EQ #8111 was made on January the 29th, 1992. It's one of the last issued modules.
  • The SG #2091 was made on December the 10th, 1991.
  • The CD #8219 was made on June the 26th, 1987.
  • The GC #2587 was made in 1991.

All in all, the Rockmodules were discontinued by the end of 1991, with a few items issued in the beginning of 1992.

Prices are pretty stable, and if the buyer and seller both know their role, transactions are smooth and easy.

QuantityStartEndList PriceCollectibilityInterest
Sustainor 10011000Jan. 1986Apr. 1987$289,95CB
Sustainor 100A3000Mar. 1987Sep. 1987$289,95BB
Sustainor 2005700Sep. 1987May 1989$349,95AA
Sustainor 200 Double IC1700June 1989May 1992$349,95A++A
Stereo Chorus Delay>820019861987$249,95BA
Distortion Generator>1530019871991$169,95CA
Instrument EQ>810019871992$199,95AA
Stereo Echo670019871991-92?$249,95A++A++
Stereo Chorus676519871991-92?$169,95AA+
Midi Octopus620019881992$239,95AB
Guitar Compressor>250019891991-92?$129,95AA
Smart Gate>>200019891991-92?$129,95A++A
Dual Remote Loop5019911991$129,95A+++C
Rackmount (racktray for two modules)19861991-92?$19,95AA

Rockman headphone amps

The Rockman headphone amps were produced by thousands, and can be found very easily. Some sellers try to hit the big money with them, but to be honnest, they became very cheap now and there is no reason why you should spend a fortune in something that sells by tenth every quarter. Clearly prefer a recent item: SR&D was continously improving the products, and the best headphone amps are the younger ones.

Accessories are quite hard to find, so prices can be surprising sometimes...

QuantityStartEndList PriceCollectibilityInterest
Rockman8000 ?19821984CB
Ultralight<2000 ?19831984$198,95BB
X10018000 ?19841994$349,95AA
Soloist12000 ?19841994$189,95BB
Bass Rockman8000 ?19841994$349,95A+A
Rockman X100 10th Anniversary<100 ?19941994A+++A
Rockman or X100 with Rockmax modification1984A++A
Rockadaptor (with 12VAC wall-wart)AB
Rockadaptor (for +6.4V/-6.0V wallwart)$8,50AB
Rockman wallwart (+6.4V/-6.0V)$20,00AC
SR&D headphones$19,95A+C
Rockman cable kit$15,95AC

Control devices

These control items are fairly common, and prices are stable. Only the physical shape of the item will make the difference, but SR&D items were built like tanks!

QuantityStartEndList PriceCollectibilityInterest
Power Soak I (no S/S switch)3500 ?19801981$89,95AB
Power Soak II (with S/S switch)3500 ?1981$89,95AA
Power Soak PS33500 ?AA
Power Soak PS3 Re-issue19921992A++A
Triple Footswitch4000 ?19861988?$125,00AB

Rare accessories

You can see some of these for sale, from time to time. They are rare items, thus making them desirable if you are addicted to Rockman gear. Note that the Remote Loop allows controling any stompbox via a Midi-Octopus.

QuantityStartEndList PriceCollectibilityInterest
Remote Loop<1000 ?$79,00A++B
Single Footswitch<1000 ?$28,95A+++C---

Dunlop re-issues

Dunlop has respected the spirit of SR&D in these re-issues, and applied only minor manufacturing methods changes. A hardcore Rockman fan will of course prefer original SR&D items, but these re-issues are excellent items by themselves. Note that the Ace series was never discontinued, unlike the AGP, initially re-issued for the japanese market.

QuantityStartEndList PriceCollectibilityInterest
Acoustic Guitar Pedal19971997?BC
Guitar AceN/AN/A
Bass AceN/AN/A
Metal AceN/AN/A
Dunlop 12VDC WallwartN/AN/A

Rockman rocker pedals (non SR&D, Dunlop only)

Information is missing about these non SR&D products. They were called Rockman, and used some optical control means instead of a mechanical pot. The "Rockman rocker-pedals" were not designed by SR&D, and were not manufactured in the USA.

QuantityStartEndList PriceCollectibilityInterest
Wah VolumeBC

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