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Owner's manuals

The original manuals can be found on eBay, either with some modules, either, from time to time, independently. Dunlop Manufacturing Inc. can also sell copies of the original manuals upon request.

The owner manuals written by SR&D were extremely detailed, really clear and, most of all, very useful.

The headphone amps (Rockman, X100 and Bass Rockman) had a 16 pages white glossy paper manual. The Soloist had only a small leaflet, like the Ace series.

Some products came with a simple instruction sheet: Power-Soak, Remote Loop, Midipedal.

If you’ve seen these manuals on pictures, you probably think they have the classical letter-size. They are in fact small brochures, and their format has changed along the years.

  • They were first printed on 7’x10’ paper (Sustainor 100 and Chorus/Delay)
  • Most of the modules had plastic-combed 6’x9’ manuals (EQ, SE, DG and SC)
  • Back to the 7'x10' format, stapled brochures, for the Sustainor 200 and the Midi Octopus
  • Stapled 7'x10' for the XP Series, with a glossy cover

Before having the final version of their manual, the XP Series had a "preliminary manual", quite hard to find. The PGE2 had too short a career and had only the preliminary version of its manual.

The different innovations included in the Rockmodules are explained with explicit graphics that really allow a better understanding, hence a better usage, of the gear. Unlike most of the manuals that we get, which are basic descriptions of the item’s settings, completed with a few settings samples, the Rockmodules’ manuals were written to help the user do what this gear was made for: understand how to build a sound, and control the sound instead of just experimenting until something useful gets out of the box.


The Rockman gear came with a one year warranty. Note that this SR&D warranty was valid only in the US: the local distributors had probably to ensure their own warranty programs.

Return enclosed registration card to activate your unit for warranty.

Scholz Research and Development, Inc. (SR&D) takes pride in the fact that all SR&D products do not leave our factory without being quality tested to give you carefree use. SR&D warrants your product to be free of manufacturing defects for a period of one (1) year from the original date of consumer purchase. If this product should become defective within the warranty period, SR&D will elect to repair or replace it, free of charge. Special procedures are used to disassemble and service this product. Since there are no user-serviceable parts inside the case, circuit damage, and voiding of the warranty will result if the case is opened. Should you experience a problem with your product, please send it to our service center as described below.


Deliver or ship this product with all transportation and insurance charges prepaid to the SR&D Service Center, 134 New Boston Street, Woburn, Massachusetts 01801 For protection, shipment in the original packaging is preferred.

For expediency, a letter explaining the problem and any other pertinent information should be included.

If you have any questions about service, please call the Service Center at 617-932-0551

This warranty does not extend to any damage caused by misuse, accident, improper installation, weather related damages, or use contrary to the instructions furnished with the product.

This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state. This warranty is valid only in the United States.

The original headphone sets were rather fragile: they have become truly rare today. For the first Rockman, in 1982, SR&D offered a one year guarantee, rapidly reduced to 90 days…


SR&D provided directly the maintenance of the Rockmodules, at least in the USA, and probably in Canada. This maintenance policy is one of the reasons why the original schematics are very hard to find:

SR&D is the only authorized servicer of its products. If you need to send a product in for repair, simply pack up the unit, enclose a brief description of the problem and send it to the address listed below.

As for maintenance outside North America, the principle was the same: “If you live outside the US, please write to MMS Inc., PO Box 1071, Neptune, NJ 07753”

To be honest, the European owners had certainly to rely on their local techs in case of trouble, but without any guarantee about the result: we are used to that here, and the best solution if you have the skills for that is to do it by yourself!

Loaner Program

SR&D had created a loaner program, a fairly unique way to ensure customer service at the highest level: in case the owner of a Rockmodule had a problem, SR&D would lend you a module during the repair. These “Loaner Program” units are of course extremely rare, and are usually in mint state (when you can find one!).

SR&D will supply Rockmodule units to stores (music dealers) in your area for use as loaners by customers who have units being repaired. You, the customer, do not need to have purchased your Rockmodule from the store where you obtain the loaner.

Rockmodule loaner units may only be used as temporary replacements for customer-owned units being repaired. If still under warranty, there will not be a charge for repairs as specified in the warranty. If the warranty on the unit has expired, the customer will be charged for parts and labor (service charge) by SR&D.

You, the customer, must pay the store (dealer) any documented shipping cost to send your unit to the SR&D service center in Massachusetts. If the Rockmodule is still under warranty, SR&D will pay for the return shipping charge. If the warranty has expired, a shipping charge will be added to the repair bill. The store (dealer) will be responsible for shipping the unit to SR&D for repair. There will not be a handling fee for this service. Loaner units must be returned to the store (dealer) by the customer when the repaired unit is picked up.

This Loaner Program assures the professional musician that he/she will not be stranded if there is any trouble with their Rockmodule.

If you need a Warranty/Loaner Rockmodule, call your SR&D music dealer or phone SR&D for the nearest Loaner Center.

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